KS Color Mark Sensor

KS Color Mark Sensor
KS Color Mark Sensor
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Main Features:

KS series color mark sensor will emit light rays to scan the detected surface,and can identify the different color marks through receiving了different intensity of light reflected back from different colors on the surface.Coaxial optical design,more adaptable to surfaces of high-reflectance(such as Aluminum foil) With light sources of blue,green,red,and various other colors for selection,more accurately to identify various colors.Small light spot,excellent resolution.Short response time of 0.1~1ms,can adapt to control demand of various packaging machines,bagging machines and printing machines.Outstanding internal circuit design that can resist various electromagnetic and optical interference,has stability and no error action.With sensitivity adjustment knob,need no tool to adjust.

Model List:

Type  Light source  cable  Type  Light source  cable 
TR22  Red  four wire  TR2  Red  Three wire 
RG22  Green   four wire  RG2  Green  Three wire 
T22  Red+green  four wire  T2  Red+green  Three wire 
TB22  Green+blue  four wire  TB2   Green+blue  Three wire 
TW22  Green+white  four wire  TW2  Green+white  Three wire 

三.Main technical parameters

Test type  Coaxial reflection  current  200mA(max) 
Scanning distance  10mm±2mm  Circuit protection device  The Vs voltage has reverse polarity protection, and the output has short circuit protection. When the load current L> 200mA, the switch will open automatically, and the signal will automatically return when L≤200m. At the same time, it has any wrong line protection.
Supply voltage  DC10-30V±10% bellows <10% 
Current:consumption  <45mA 
Source chromatography  red,green,blue(select according to the model list)  Sensitivity  Single cycle adjustable 
Spot  Φ0.5~1.5  Anti-environment light  incandescent <300LX  sunlight 10000LX 
Detection of perspective  rays should be vertical to the detected surface,a variance of ±15 is allowed  Protection level  IP67(Moisture-proof and dust-proof) 
Response time  0.1~1ms  Temperature  operation -15℃-65℃ save -15℃-65℃ 
Output  act when light up/act when darken optical  Case material  Engineering Plastics 
Output instructions  red LED  Raises thread  Φ5.4PVC four-core shielded and sheathed cable,standard length 2m 
Out voltage  (high VS- ≤1.5V low(≤1.2V)  Weight  about 300g 
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