JM72S Electronic Preset Meter Counter

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JM series electronic meter counter is a new generation of preset meter counter launched by Trihero company. The JM series of electronic meter counters uses a new-style single-chip microcomputer with excellent performance as the main control component, with high meter counting accuracy, wide counting range and digital display. Light touch keyboard operation, power failure data storage permanent, strong anti-interference performance, beautiful appearance and other advantages. It can be widely used in packaging, printing, textile, paper, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries to display the length of film, cloth, paper, and wire as meter display, meter alarm, and meter control.


Using microcomputer as main control, strong function. High precision.
Using comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility design, strong anti-interference performance.

Meter counter, optional signal, multi-function counter, six-digit display, panel installation, optional counting speed, 30 times per second or 1000 times per second, can be automatically reset, reset time from 0.1 seconds to 9.9 seconds setting freely.

Technical parameters:

Product Name Preset Meter Counter JM72S JC72S
Rated voltage AC/DC 100-240V,  AC/DC 12-24V
Hole size 72*72*75mm
Installation method panel mounted embedded
Counting range press to select 0-999999 or 0-99999.9
Output mode F C N R single preset output
Delay setting 0.1-9.9 seconds
Power failure hold data-hold can be selected
Reset method panel, terminal, automatic
Input mode: contact switch, proximity sensor, hall sensor, photoelectric sensor (NPN)
Output voltage DC+12V
Function Preset, control output mode optional, output monostable delay time, power-off protection, counting frequency, step length, range, etc optional.


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