JZ115 Small Five-Digit Meters Length Counter

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The JZ115 small five-digit meter counter is designed on the basis of the Z3-5 revolution meter. It has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, convenient use, and more accurate counting. It is mainly used for measurement and recording of mine drilling depth and number of windings. This watch has five digits. The direction of rotation of the shaft can be clockwise or counterclockwise. Clockwise means increasing, and reverse means decreasing. The highest record number is 9999.9. The first digit is 1/10 of the shaft, and the shaft rotates once. It can be automatically carried afterwards.

This counter is equipped with a zero reset mechanism, if a certain number is recorded, you can press the reset button to reset all zeros, and then record the second stage. But it cannot be reset to zero during rotation.
Pay attention to the balance when installing this counter, and it should be concentric with the host, otherwise the rotating spindle will be twisted or broken, resulting in inaccurate counting or malfunction.
The maximum speed of this counter is 300 rpm. Too fast will cause damage to the parts.
The internal character wheels and gears of this counter are made of special engineering plastics, which are not suitable for contact with high temperature and flammable gas. The bearings must be oiled frequently.

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