Z96-F Five-Digit Length Measuring Meter Yard Counter

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  • Brand:Trihero
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Product description:

The Z96-F five-digit length measuring counter is a counter used for measuring length and various mechanical transmissions. It is generally used for recording the length of textiles, printing and dyeing, plastic film, artificial leather, etc.

(1) This counter is a five-digit number. When the record length is 1m (or 1 yard), the wheel rotates three times, the counter number displays 1, and so on, every decimal. But it cannot count backwards.

(2) This counter is equipped with a zero reset mechanism. The zero reset adopts a push type. The numbers for one rotation are all "0", and then the second stage counts.

Technical parameter:

Counting range


Rotation ratio

1: 3

Maximum counting speed

200 times/min

temperature range

-10 degrees-60 degrees


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