S-DTY single phase AC all-isolated power regulator

S-DTY single phase AC fully isolated voltage regulating module
S-DTY single phase AC fully isolated voltage regulating module
S-DTY single phase AC fully isolated voltage regulating module
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S-DTY/KDTY series intelligent single-phase ac power voltage regulator module designed by single-chip microcomputer, is a high precision products independent developed by our factory, it solved the uneven products on the present market, such as signal input inaccuracy, unstable power adjusting, large error,etc.

This module has the phase shift voltage regulating,cycle wave power regulating, PWM adjusting these three functions, internal combined phase shift trigger circuit, a one-way or two-way thyristor and power supply circuit into one product, automatic or manual adjustment to change the voltage on the load, to adjust the output power.

Input and output of the module is opto-isolated, help weak voltage to achieve control of high voltage, by changing voltage of the input signal to control output load power, the input impedance is high, can be connected to computer,digital program-controlled circuit or similar interfaces direct by D/A converter,is very convenient to achieve the infinite adjustment of output load voltage and power.

It is widely used in lighting equipment,temperature control equipment,Ac motor soft start,ac train wave speed control and other power automatic adjustment occasions.

single-phase 220V and single-phase 380V;
current are rated: 10A,25A,40A, 60A,80A,100A,120A,160A,200A,240A,300A,350A,400A.
if need bigger current,please use our intelligent single phase AC phase shift trigger module.


Dimensions & Wiring diagram:

Wiring methods of input terminals:

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