JSTY Three-phase SCR thyristor power regulator

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JSTY/KSTY Three-phase SCR thyristor power regulator

General descriptions:

The three-phase intelligent AC voltage regulating module is designed and manufactured by using imported single-chip microcomputer and military-grade PCB. It contains operational amplifier, soft start, temperature protection, phase detection, pulse transformer and thyristor chip. Its output linearization is high and starting point of output control is low, and the load voltage can be adjusted steplessly. It can regulate the voltage of the primary side of transformer, welding machine, temperature control, dimming, charging, excitation, electroplating, point solution, water treatment, and it can also be used for three-phase motor speed control and other devices.

Product performance parameters:

1. Main circuit working voltage: three-phase 380VAC (±5%)

2. Power supply: single-phase 220VAC (±5%)

3. Regulation range: 0-180°

4. Potentiometer control: potentiometer (10K 2W)

5. Analog signal control: DC1-5V, DC2-10V, DC4-20mA, DC2-10mA

6. Novel and unique design, three-phase has no phase sequence restriction,

wiring is simple, and maintenance is convenient.

7. Main circuit and control circuit are fully isolated, safe and reliable.

8. Built-in soft start function (default setting time is 2S, 0-15S can be customized)

9. Built-in temperature protection function (85℃)

10. Rated current: 150A~450A

Outline and installation dimension:

Three-phase four-wire wiring diagram:

Three-phase three-wire wiring diagram:

Input terminals wiring diagram:

Output waveform:

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