Thermostat SK3110.000

Thermostat SK3110.000
Thermostat SK3110.000
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Inner temperature controller for switchgear cabinet

Especially used for controlling fan filter, heater and exchanger, also could be monitoring the electric cabinetinner temperature when working as signal arcuser.


Parameter clarification

Make bimetal sensor as heat sensitivity set to feedback of heat.

Contact point scheme:single switch over contact point as instant switch component allowed load of contact point

KL5-3        AC10(4)A

DC=30W   KL5-4(Cooling)

AC5(4)DA  DC=30W

(D)=sensitivity load at cos Φ=0.6



Adjusting range -20℃ to +60℃
Weight 105 gappr
Size 70×70×33.5mm


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