DJTY Fully isolated single-phase voltage regulating module

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DJTY series  intelligent single-phase AC voltage regulation &power regulation module is designed from single-chip microcomputer, is developed by our factory a new generation high-precision product, to solve the common problems of various regulators in current market,such as  input signal inaccuracy,power regulation instability, big error,etc.


phase shift voltage regulation,cycle wave power regulation and PWM regulation.


The module is widely used in lighting equipment,temperature control equipment, AC  motor soft start,AC string wave speed control and other power automatic adjustment occasions.  


Voltage rating: 220V, 380V.

Current rating:10A,25A,40A,60A,80A,100A,120A,160A,200A,240A,300A,350A,400A.

For bigger current,please select intelligent single-phase AC phase-shifting trigger module.

Single phase Voltage Regulator 2

Single phase Voltage Regulator 3

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